Mending Hearts Counseling

Mending Hearts

Mending Hearts Counseling was created with you in mind. We’re here for the person who is feeling unfulfilled at their current job but struggles to pay their bills, so they stay. We’re here for the “strong friend” who’s feelings often get overlooked they’re seen as having it all together. The person who recently filed for divorce and is trying to envision a new life and eventually love again. The person who’s on their second or third round of IVF while trying to fight through disappointment and fear of another failed fertility attempt. The person who is suffering from anxiety and depression but is struggling to put a name to what they’re feeling. Mending Hearts Counseling is here for you, thinking of you and wants to help you! Our goal is to help you silence the world by reconnecting you to yourself by rediscovering you, which is the best part of the world.

Mending Hearts Mission Statement:

To H.E.A.L One Heart At A Time

Mending Hearts Vision Statement/Goals:

Expectational care, innovative partnership, healthier communities

To offer sustainable wellness solutions in a safe space; thereby creating healthier communities

To focus on the wellbeing of others by offering various wellness resources/programs

Mending Hearts Values:




Mending Hearts Culture Model: