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Esther Georges

Since I was a young girl, I knew I wanted to go into the helping field. As a child I used to line up all my dolls and play teacher. I was not sure in what form I would help people, but I remember at an early age understanding that my calling was to help people through love and compassion. When I entered college at Florida A&M University, I majored in Criminal Justice, wanting to help people involved in the criminal justice system. However, my plans and God’s plan were not aligned and therefore I was never able to find a job in that field. Instead I was led to the field of Social Work. My job after graduation was mentoring young high school girls. I then started working with The Department of Children and Families which motivated me to obtaining my MSW from Barry University. 

After Graduating with my master’s degree, I held several positions within the healthcare system, but my true passion was mental health. Therefore, I decided to open my private practice called Mending Hearts Counseling, where I provide one on one psychotherapy. I work with clients who suffer from infertility, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, work-life balance, and grief in the community, as well as the Christian community. 

Though all the categories listed are important to me, however, my primary focus is infertility. A clinical diagnosis of infertility is defined as trying to conceive over a 12-month period without success. Approximately 35% of the time it is a female problem and 35% it’s a male problem. The remaining 30% percent is either a problem related to both the male and female, or what is known as “unexplained infertility.” There can be lots of shame around this topic and a sense of failure so many choose not to talk about it with friends and family. Then they become isolated and that is not good for their mental health. Along with the shame there is also anxiety, depression, and relationship challenges that are common with infertility.

My role as a therapist is to help my clients process all these emotions during this difficult time. The feeling of shame, hopelessness, grief, and loss. The feeling of having to be asked by others when are you going to start a family. My role also is to assist you with resources and to encourage you to think about all your options. I am not a doctor; therefore, I always encourage my clients to speak to their doctor and their partner to determine what is best for them. But I remain as an extra source of strength and support. You do not have to face infertility alone, help is here.

I have also found a new calling in mentoring and educating new social workers through supervision. I am also a Qualified Supervisor offering both virtual and in person supervision. I focus on topics such as documentation, boundaries, resume writing, networking and so much more. As an established LCSW it is in my job to educated, motivate and help the next generation be the best in the field.

Esther Georges